FSS For Inquiring Minds

FSS For Inquiring Minds.pdf

Flat Sequencing Sorters, a.k.a. The FSS Machines

Flat Sequencing Sorter 2.pdf

Doing Your Job Right...And Safely  -  A Handout by Gloria Moore

(To be read with Flat Sequencing Sorters)

Doing Your Job Right Handout - new 2.pdf

DPS Flats - A Look At The Future

DPS Flat Sorter Article.pdf

FSS Phase I Deployment Schedule

FSS - Deployment.pdf

Delivery Point Packaging (DPP) and Flat Sequencing Sorters (FSS) - Powerpoint Presentation

DPP and FSS.pdf

USPS Flats Strategy - Flats Summit - July 16, 2003 - Powerpoint Presentation

DPS Flats Strategy with email address.pdf

Likely Cost and Service Impact of the Flats “Delivery Vision” - USPS Flats Summit - July 16, 2003

Flats Delivery Vision-Cost and Impact.pdf

FSS Vehicle Shelving Systems

FSS Vehicle Shelving Systems.ppt

BMC - FSS National Job Withholding

81     bmc fss National Job Withholding.ppt

FSS and Withholding Explained - By Ray Hill, Ex. VP, Branch 2902

Withholding Explained.pdf

Video of FSS Machine in Action

FSS NPF USPS logo version.mpeg

FSS Update - Managers of Delivery Programs Support - Powerpoint - March 2, 2008


FSS - Commercial Flat Size Mail - PowerPoint Presentation

FSS Commercial_Flat_Size_Mail.pdf

FSS - Flats Addressing Requirements

FSS Flats_Addressing_Requirements.pdf
FSS - 
Flat Sequencing Sorters

FSS - First Class Mail Fact Sheet

FSS Flats_Fact_Sheet_First_Class_Mail.pdf

FSS - Bound Printed Matter, Medial Mail, Library Mail Fact Sheet

FSS Flats_Fact_Sheet_Package_Services.pdf

FSS Overview - View 1 - February, 2008

FSS_View 1.pdf

FSS Overview - View 2 - FSS Results - Carmel Delivery Unit - February, 2008

FSS_View 2.pdf

FSS - Periodicals Fact Sheet

FSS Future_Flats_Technology.pdf

FSS - Standard Mail Flats Fact Sheet

FSS Flats_Fact_Sheet_Standard_Mail.pdf

Postal Address Redirection System for Flat Shaped Mail (FPARS) - Flats Symposium 2008 - USPS Engineering-Future Technology

FSS Future_Flats_Technology.pdf

Flats Symposium 2008 - Panel 1 - Flats Addressing

FSS Panel_1_Addressing.ppt

Flats Symposium 2008 - Panel 2 - Flats Containerization

FSS Panel_2_ Flats_Containerzation.ppt

Flats Symposium 2008 - Panel 3 - Logistics, Planning and Transportation

FSS Panel_3_Logistics_Planning.pdf

Corporate Automation Plan - Phase ll - Bringing Automation Full Circle


FSS - PCC Workshop-in-a-Box - Module 1 - PowerPoint - (Make sure and read ‘comments’ at the bottom of page.)


FSS - System Overview - PCC Workshop-in-a-Box - Module 2 - PowerPoint - (Make sure and read ‘comments’ at the bottom of page.)


FSS - Northern VA Status Delivery Results - PCC Workshop-in-a-Box - Module 3 - PowerPoint - (Make sure and read ‘comments’ at the bottom of  page.)


Flats Symposium 2008 - FSS 101 - HUGE Download File - (Make sure and read ‘comments’ at the bottom of page.)


Latest FSS Video from ‘You Tube’

Postal Service Tests FSS - Postal Record - August, 2006


Approved FSS Work Methods - M-01697 - November 24, 2008


Approved FSS Work MethodsM01697.pdf

The Unofficial Guide To Flat Sequencing - By Dead Tree Edition - January 8, 2009

Confessions of a Data Collector - By Chuck Clark - Montgomery Village, Maryland

FSS Observer.pdf

FSS Data Collection and Study - Final Comments - By Chuck Clark - April 21, 2008

FSS Data Collection and Study - Comments.pdf

FSS 100 Deployment - Install Start Dates and Accepted - Begin Operations Dates - 8/29/2008 thru 10/15/2010


FSS Phase I Deployment Zone Listing - February, 2009


FSS Deployment Summary by FSS Location and District


FSS FAQs - Updated August, 2008


MOU - Approved FSS Work Methods - Signed by Young and Tulino - November 24, 2008




   Remember when you bid my route

   It seemed just like a fairy tale

   Your gaze so strong, your arm so stout

   Then you yanked our marriage from the mail


   I loved the way you pulled me down

   You'd hit the street and really sail

   But someone else then came around

   And yanked our marriage from the mail


   Her name was Dee, (PS: a tramp!)

   So charming she in each detail

   I tried to warn she was a vamp

   But she yanked our marriage from the mail


    I felt for you through wind and rain

   Through ice and snow and sleet and hail

   And all the while I bore the pain

   When you yanked our marriage from the mail


   The days wore on, I saw you less

   I wondered just where did I fail

   And then a new flooz, FSS*

   Did yank our marriage from the mail


   So here I stand, your faithful friend

   Off to the side so old and pale

   In loneliness my days I'll spend

   For you've yanked our marriage from the mail

*Flat Sequencing System

by Kerry Waite and Terry Knott

2007 ilovethepostoffice.com Br.82's

FSS Implementation Guide - FAQ’s

FSS FAQs_implementation_guide.pdf

FSS Implementation Guide - Delivery Standardization - An Introduction


FSS National Field Impact Program - February 23, 2009

FSS National Field Impack Program.pdf

Audit Report – Flats Sequencing System: First Article Retest Results (Report Number   DA-AR-09-012) - September 4, 2009

FSS Audit DA-AR-09-012.pdf

NALC FSS Task Force - “Effect On The City Carrier”

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FSS Work Methods - Joint Task Force Report - M-01691 - August 18, 2008




FSS Tray of Mail